This is the excerpt for your very first post.


This is my first blog post of any sort, I’m a newbie!

The intro – my name is Lauren and I am old (I’ll leave you guessing). I am Scottish and very proud. Scotland is my favourite place in the world and it feels right to call this place my home. I enjoy discovering new places, vintage fashion and dancing. My life is quite standard as you may be able to tell in the coming months of this blog but in a busy, standard sort of way. I am typically a busy bee but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve realised lately how soothing it can be, as I’ve gather many friends who write blogs, to sit down for a few minutes (this is rare, ^ see busy above) and read what people have been doing, seeing, watching, reading… it’s a good way of procrastinating from University blues and assignments but I also feel I am gaining something too. Insight and empathy I would begin by saying but also the feeling of wanderlust and the desire to create my own future and path through life.

Recently, I have particularly been enjoying travel blogs and “day in the life” style posts where you follow the writer’s daily travels. I do enjoy reading about places outside my home city but I find it refreshing to discover through friends of little places around Glasgow I didn’t know about. You really don’t know what is right on your doorstep sometimes!

Anyway, the main purpose of this whole blog thing is not necessarily for others to care for (although I hope I won’t be too boring), but for myself to remember. I don’t want to forget my accomplishments and adventures – I want to look back on them with nostalgia and warmth. I need this right now to keep my memories and appreciate who I am and how my story goes.

I will be writing here about anything my heart desires and whenever I want. Don’t expect perfect English, I’m a scientist. I also don’t expect too many reads, I don’t think I will reach that many people if any at all.

P.S I will be trying to work this out at my own leisure and will be making it all lovely pretty colours but until then, it will look drab! *boo* I am not a photographer either đŸ˜¦



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Author: Lauren Carrigan

Memoirs of a Glaswegian. Born in the nineties. Studies at University of Glasgow. Enjoys travelling, cute places to chill, dancing and nice stationery.

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