Today has proven very challenging. Nothing major has actually happened, it has just been a build up of loads of small things that cause annoyance or inconvenience all coming at once… today… on a Monday. It could’ve been timed better! If any of these small things happened to me once a day it would be fine but the fact that I experienced a lot of them in the small time scale heightens the severity of the situation.

I did actually at several points today think “this has been a terrible day” but after coming home and having a nap (this always helps) and having a quick yoga session, I’ve had a realisation. I mustn’t allow myself to be submerged in my own negativity. I should think of all the positive things that have happened lately and stop being as affected by the negative. Optimism and gratitude are parts of that list of self improvements I’m trying to reach that I was talking about in an earlier post and in these trying times I am remembering what I am thankful for about today more than I am focused on the rubbish parts of my day.

I do believe that self improvement comes from within with time, knowledge and reflection and so, I am content enough to say – 20th February 2017 has challenged me but tomorrow is a new day and my “bad day” could be someone’s good day. Stay respectful and learn to love life.




Author: Lauren Carrigan

Memoirs of a Glaswegian. Born in the nineties. Studies at University of Glasgow. Enjoys travelling, cute places to chill, dancing and nice stationery.

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