February Favourites .17


Hello and happy March! I am posting this slightly late in light of university deadline season even though I had it planned to go up in time! Life has been crazy busy lately.


Dior Addict Fluid Stick, 373 Rieuse (Ā£26.50) – If you’re looking for a highly pigmented and long wearing formula that’s not drying then this is perfect! I love this as it is so moisturising and easy to wear. It is a glossy, liquid lipstick type formula that hides any imperfections, the felt applicator is slightly tapered which makes for seamless, easy application. I have particularly been showing love for shade 373 Rieuse and have been rocking this pretty much every single day this month (almost – I’m not that dedicated). I am excited to buy more of the fluid sticks – the lighter pinks look perfect for spring! http://www.boots.com/dior-addict-fluid-stick-fabulous-wear-high-impact-glossy-colour-lip-hybrid-10171640

Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Tonic – Rodial (Ā£33) – Clearly this has been repackaged since I bought mine which is rather sad as I love the bright coral bottle :(. If I ever need a pick me up midway through the day I grab for this. This tonic is really light and refreshing – it contains rose water which is ultimately my favourite ingredient of any tonic. Anytime, I use this my skin feels hydrated and brighter which is exactly what I am looking for. https://www.spacenk.com/uk/en_GB/brands/r/rodial/dragons-blood-hyaluronic-tonic-MUK200008644.html


Walking Umbrella – Jack Wills (Ā£29.95) – I received this as a present for Christmas and instantly adored it. This umbrella is extremely practical and has gotten me through many rainy Scottish mornings whilst also beingĀ stylish… and I enjoy using this enough that it makes me dislike the rain a little less. It has two waterproof layers with a navy outer branded Jack Wills and the traditional JW pink and navy stripes on the inside which I love! It is exceptionally well made and the double layer ensures it is strong enough to prevent annoying inside out umbrella occurrences in the wind. http://www.jackwills.com/froomore-walking-umbrella-100010558001.html?gclid=CjwKEAiA3NTFBRDKheuO6IG43VQSJAA74F77NHQPJtC2CVux9vmgbq1hSj5BBFsliqBV8KUDhlhCdBoCYwvw_wcB


Fitbit Charge 2 -(Ā£139.99) Late in January I decided I wanted to purchase a smart watch as an alternative to my Marc Jacobs rose gold watch. I opted for a Fitbit as keeping a record of my exercise and sleep record was something I wanted to do. This was mostly in an attempt to motivate myself to continue to exercise often and try to get into a regular sleep schedule. I really enjoy using this watch and it has proved a really informative tool. The app is great and there is a multitude of things to record using it including calorie counting and logging your daily water intake. I don’t tend to calorie count but I really like tracking any fruit and veg I eat and recording any water I drink to make certain I am keeping hydrated – I am so forgetful sometimes! https://www.fitbit.com/uk/shop/charge2

GUSCDC Ball – 18/02/2017 – Glasgow University Scottish Country Dance’s annual ball, this year held in Milngavie Town Hall. This was a major highlight of my February.

Ed Sheeran Ā – Shape of You (who isn’t obsessed with this right now?!)

Peace – Bloodshake (revisiting an old favourite)

What have you been enjoying this month?