The simple things – a haphazard post

This might sound like a bit of a vent but I would like to put my thoughts out to my online diary. Of course, I am grateful to be able to live aĀ busy life with a solid path mapped out in my university career etc but when it overtakes the simple pleasures you can realise how much you take for granted.

Lately, my lifeĀ has been cluttered with commitments. Be those university commitments, dancing commitments, family commitments or generally life tasking me. I tend to be an organised person and usually I am on top of my diary, using it simply as a back up and knowing most of my dates in my head already but recently, my diary has been a massive safety net as I struggle to remember even what day it is nevermind what I have to do in that day with the workload I’m currently under.

I would say I am a little bit stressed which is unusual for me this early on in the year.

Although there are many places I can feel relaxed, I’ve learned that the two places I feel truly at peace are the shower or sauna. I love being alone sometimes and these places allow me quiet and ambience where I needĀ not think about anything at all, and personally I think it is nice to have empty thoughts every once in a while. My last few times in these places, I’ve been unable to relax with subject topics ranging fromĀ molecular formulas and equations running through my mind for upcoming chemistry exams or mentally dancing to remember choreographies and scattered, incomplete diary information which I wish I could remember. Ā I’m trying to power through these last few weeks of uni for some of the heavy workload to be lifted and so I can be reunited with peace and relaxation and quiet thoughts that I am missing so very much. For me, it is easy to take for granted in busy times things that make meĀ happy such as going to the sauna and not having any cares but I am determined to always make time for myself no matter how busy I may be. Whether crowded thoughts haunt my head or not, I still have to take an hour out of my week to at least try relaxingĀ and this is my favourite way to do so. I am oprimisticĀ that things will perk up again in a few weeks. Until then, I will remain sleep deprived and thought clustered.


This post was written quite haphazardly but I feel better for putting my thoughts to words.





Okay, so I touched on this in a previous post but I feel it has been such a significant event that it deservesĀ a post dedicated entirely to it…

One of the biggest events I partook in this month was a Scottish Country Dancing festival in Newcastle. Every year people come from all over to compete in this festival and this year was the first year I have attended which was both nerve-wracking and exciting.

The team and I had been rehearsing for weeks for this competition and we were trying to perfect them as much as we could. I was in the Glasgow University Ladies team in which we danced a reel and a strathspey. I also took part in the Glasgow Youth Display later on in the day which was a lot of fun. Links are below, PS I love the music we danced to, especially for the reel!

Glasgow University Ladies

The fun started on the bus down to Newcastle although I did get a little travel sick *boo*. We played loads of games and had such a laugh. One of the boys from the Alba men’s team drove the bus which was super nice of him and we were all really thankful for that.

I couldn’t remember the last time I got up at 6am before this weekend but the main event was on Saturday so an early start was essential. We got dressed and made our way to the venue, which was a very fancy school – absolutely massive compared to what I remember mine being. Our dances were in the morning and late afternoon so we had plenty of down time to rest in between. It was great watching the other teams dance and all of the Glasgow teams were fantastic! After the competition was the dance at night, I wasn’t sure of about half of the dances (and admittedly, I got mixed up a lot in the ones I didn’t know) but it was really fun and my partners always helped me. After the dance was the after party, which was nice as we all got to sit and chat and were so happy that we had gotten through the day pretty well.

The main thing I took from the weekend was that I have actually improved technically although I still have TONS to work on. Newcastle forced everyone to form bonds and really, dancing friends are the best friends. I always have a great time when I hang out with the GUS team and I am sooooo happy that this time last year I pushed myself from my comfort zone and forced myself to do new things, one of those things being Scottish Country Dance.

I hope I have the opportunity to take part again next year. You guys are the best.



Some photos courtesy of a lovely SCD friend who was at the festival.

Evening dance


The whole Glasgow team!