I know, it’s mid way through February but I have some catching up I’d like to do… and January was a super busy month!

At the start of every new year, I NEED to have a diary. I really don’t understand academic diaries that run from August-July and I dislike them a lot. My criteria for the perfect diary is mostly that it must make me happy when I look at it and of course be A5 in size – I’m all about the practicality and tossing anything bigger than A5 in my handbag is not happening! I have had some of the weirdest diaries you would ever see but if it’s bright and colourful and I have a way of leaving my mark on it then it feels right to me. This time around, I opted for a pink marble effect, jotter style diary. In each of the pages it has uplifting quotes and motivation which I also think is somewhat cheesy but still cute.


“This Is My Year” and I am consciously trying my hardest to be the best I can with this “new start” in all aspects of life really. I want to be fit and eat healthy, I want to do well at university, I want to improve on my dancing (there’s a lot of work needing done but Newcastle has helped me on the way to that and I know where I am needing extra attention most of the time which is good), I want to be super organised and I want to develop my understanding of people more and be the best person I can possibly be. This is just a small chunk of my list (which by the way, is super long… I won’t bore you) but here, writing this in February I am keeping up with most of the list with the biggest blip being in the healthy eating part… weekends are pretty much off limits but I can forgive myself if I’m good throughout the week, right?

The Events

To bring in 2017 and let go of 2016, I was invited by a lovely dancing friend to her Hogmanay flat party. This was a brilliant night, spent with lovely people and I wouldn’t have wanted to welcome 2017 any other way.

Following this, my first trip of the year was to Edinburgh with Alistair. We stayed in an apartment just off the Royal Mile, it was authentic with brick walls and a fireplace inside and super cosy. The room even had lovely purple thistles inside!! Edinburgh is beautiful in so many ways but I will always love Glasgow the most.


Whilst in Edinburgh we went to Real Mary King’s Close. Real Mary King’s Close is an underground tour of series of closes below the City Chambers on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, dating back to the 1600s with the last person leaving in the 1900s. We had a tour guide who was fantastic due to his enthusiasm, knowledge and stories. He really made the tour exciting. The tour lasted around an hour and it is something I would definitely recommend. Photography is not permitted.

January weekends were spent dancing. In February, there is a competition in which teams come from everywhere around the world to dance Scottish Country. I was in the Glasgow University ladies team and the Glasgow Youth demonstration and so a lot of rehearsing was necessary. I LOVED the rehearsing, even when it did ache my feet and I ended up with shin splints… it was worth it!! I also bonded a lot with my team and made some great friends within my dancing group whom I think are amazing!

Although, not particularly as busy as I thought initially when thinking of things to write in this post, January was very busy with normal things like university and life and recovering from the Christmas holidays. January was also the month in which I received my exam results from the December exams and I must say, I was pleased with myself.

January was fun.